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It seams like alot of poeple try and do commissions. But they get in over their heads. N most have the quit. Also most from hearing dont either give you the costume and take your money and run.

I used to make shoes for cosplayers. But people were asking me to make them for almost nothing. & an average easy pair like Narutos shoes are like 50.00. Mostly cause I make them form fitting.

Now I just make stuff that fits me & sometimes use it for cons or sell it.

Not sure if these people were brought up. (I have trouble making some times still haha) I used Broken Sunglasses aka Elfester. They stole 300.00 from me and my costume It was going to have LED put lights in it. So 300.00 later. I asked where the costume was. PLEASe send progress photos! They said they need 300.00 more. I said no. WE had a set agreement. I saved all the Emails and everything. I was taking them to small claims court. & then they disspared off the face of the earth.

BEWARE OF this seller
Sunrise Art LLC aka wei-linden
Do not trust this Ebay seller.
I bought a costume SD doll costume. & for some reason I got wtf i have no idea. But it was for a person. Not a doll.
I ordered this & some how got somthing shes not even selling on the site.

ALSO they out source. The person is located in the UAS. But all the costumes are made in china. & another sick fact i just noticed. They are one of those Ebay uses that gets friends to buy their items. But they dont pay or really get the item. They are only doing it for postive feed back. & to get a high feed back number. I thought they were a good seller. I even looked over all the feed back. What people bought. & their stuff looks well made.

(on this issue. We finally worked it out. I'm getting a full refund.)

Another friend of mine had also orded from them. & had the same problem.
She had a HUGE stress attack and we had to take her to the hospital.

On Setsuna. Ya i had order a Rei plug suit & Macross costume from her back in 1999. I even sent fabric along with it. Some how everything was made out of Velvet n some weird lycra. I was so upset. I normaly make my own costumes. But at the time making body suit costumes was hard.
My poor friend Rai also got a costume from her. & we couldnt figure out how to even put it on. It was to small in places. & way to big in places. N she used some ugly fabric n color. Not even close to the photo.
& poor rai rai again had alot of troulbe with this person.

BlackCerenity custom cosplay costume. She too wanted a Rei plug suit but also wanted to be Shiva for 10. The Rei costumes was dirty. It looked like they just took old white tights n used that. Cause you could see the black foot spots on the tights at the feet. The costume didnt fit n anyways. They took aparty tenny shoes for the shoes on the bottom. The gloves were also dirty. & for some reason the pack thing was made out of a back pack. I wont even go into the detail how bad the Shiva cosplay was. She did get a full refund though.
She has now quit cosplay all together. I tried to teach her how to sew. But she is so hurt by people. she thinks almost every cosplayer should be killed. (also meet alot of bad cosplayers in person at cons. Not bad costumes. Just really rude or mean people. Her first skit someone triped her back stage and her costume riped. They didnt even say sorry. They just said move it your in my way of getting first place. This was at A-kon14.)

This person has pissed me off the most. & quite a few others
Dark Dragonfly
I'm so mad that this person never got cought at all. 8 people set small claims court on her. Even I did. I even flew to FL (I get free airfair) and went to her address. I meet with her sister. & her family were like we dont know her. Shes dead to us. & i was pushed out. It was VERY CREEPY AND WEIRD.
Theres more about here on this fourm

Final Grade- Dark Dragonfly FFF (tripal F)

Final Grade-BlackCerenity FFF (Tripal F)

Final Grade- Setsuna Kou Again another tripal FFF

Final Grade Sunrise Art LLC aka wei-linden- C

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