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Originally Posted by Sakura_Chang View Post
marika- did you notice on her website that she's closing down? which she posted on the 12th of april.

"April 12th, 2007- **ATTENTION** I will NOT be taking any new orders! I am finishing the orders I have now, and shutting down. I no longer have the time needed to dedicate to commissioning, and I hope everyone understands that."

i hope she finishes yours and everyone elses that she promised to make =\
Ah yes, I'm sure we all know this very well.
Unfortunately, she hasn't said a word to me since April 12th exactly. She has not been answering emails, PM's, nothing.
I'm the Azumanga Daioh/Jigoku Shoujo skirts she has on there. Good luck getting your stuff, I know I'm not counting on seeing them or my money either.
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