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Originally Posted by PepeluTivursky View Post
Ah yes, I'm sure we all know this very well.
Unfortunately, she hasn't said a word to me since April 12th exactly. She has not been answering emails, PM's, nothing.
I'm the Azumanga Daioh/Jigoku Shoujo skirts she has on there. Good luck getting your stuff, I know I'm not counting on seeing them or my money either.

It took me threatening legal action and blacklisting her on every cosplay site I'm on to get my costume out of her, and then what I got wasn't even really worth what I'd paid for it. She seems to be finishing off her commissioning career with a bang, even though it's not a GOOD bang. I hope she never plans to start an internet based business again, because that's three people in this thread alone that she's left without.

I feel glad I even got my costume, even if it wasn't up to the cost standard and didn't include the partial refund she promised for all the trouble. I feel really bad for you guys who didn't even get them. Maybe you should do what I did and start with the threatening, it seems to be the only thing that'll get her attention.
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