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Originally Posted by D-holla-J View Post
It took me threatening legal action and blacklisting her on every cosplay site I'm on to get my costume out of her, and then what I got wasn't even really worth what I'd paid for it. She seems to be finishing off her commissioning career with a bang, even though it's not a GOOD bang. I hope she never plans to start an internet based business again, because that's three people in this thread alone that she's left without.

I feel glad I even got my costume, even if it wasn't up to the cost standard and didn't include the partial refund she promised for all the trouble. I feel really bad for you guys who didn't even get them. Maybe you should do what I did and start with the threatening, it seems to be the only thing that'll get her attention.
I might just have to.
I send her an email every few days, as well as a PM, asking for my money back. I've since made skirts for the outfits so she can take hers and shove them in various places, if you get what I mean.
I've considered tracking down her real name again and getting her phone number to give her a pleasant little call over it. I don't belong to any other cosplay forums, though I suppose I could buzz my way through the LJ cosplaying communities on it.
Ugh, it almost makes me want to never commission again. And I had SO many outfits I was thinking up that I wanted to at least get bits of them commissioned. :P
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