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Originally Posted by PepeluTivursky View Post
Ah yes, I'm sure we all know this very well.
Unfortunately, she hasn't said a word to me since April 12th exactly. She has not been answering emails, PM's, nothing.
I'm the Azumanga Daioh/Jigoku Shoujo skirts she has on there. Good luck getting your stuff, I know I'm not counting on seeing them or my money either.
While knowing that others are having the same issue makes me feel a little better (not the best choice of words, but knowing others have the same problem with someone tells me that the problem isn't with me but with the other person), it's irritating to think that someone can just take someone's hard-earned cash and not deliver.

Only assurances are that I do have a backup wig I can use, and should I choose to get vengeful, I made sure to keep every correspondence with her. -_- First my PS2, mod chip, and a game, and now this. Yeah, my faith in people isn't looking too good.
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