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Originally Posted by Marika View Post
While knowing that others are having the same issue makes me feel a little better (not the best choice of words, but knowing others have the same problem with someone tells me that the problem isn't with me but with the other person), it's irritating to think that someone can just take someone's hard-earned cash and not deliver.

Only assurances are that I do have a backup wig I can use, and should I choose to get vengeful, I made sure to keep every correspondence with her. -_- First my PS2, mod chip, and a game, and now this. Yeah, my faith in people isn't looking too good.
Don't let it get you down. For the one commissioner on this site who lets you down, there are two or three others who will do a decent job and do it in a timely fashion. I play to commission again, and this time I made sure to pick carefully off this very thread. (I'm a beginner at this sewing thing, 2 full costumes before August isn't gonna happen, one is pushing it! )

But the fact that you kept ALL the correspondance with her is a VERY good thing. If you still have your copy of the money order or a check record, even better. Use threats of legal action if you have to, you have the grounds to do so. She shouldn't be allowed to steal peoples' money like this, it's disgraceful and gives commissioners more of a bad rep.

(I love you, all you good commissioners out there! And I'm presently looking for one of you for a Gojyo costume for August, someone who WON'T rip me off and miss deadlines, heh! )
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