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Places to buy good wigs in UK?

I have a perfect wig picked out for my July cosplay, but even though I still have nearly 2 months I'm not 100% sure the seller is going to make it reach me in time (The feedback is a bit uncertain, it seems alot of wigs took atleast a month to get to the person >_<) and I want a back up plan if it falls through (So if I don't get it by July 1st, I can buy another wig) I'm not too sure Cosworx or Amphigory would get to me in time for it (22nd) so I was wondering if anyone has bought good quality wigs from a UK shop/seller (So it will get to me within 2 weeks or so) which wasn't like £100+ like I've seen most good wigs from UK at ._. (and not halloween quality, I don't seem to find the medium quality that Cosworx etc sell here in UK)
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