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Competition style variations between types of conventions, regional differences, etc.

I had read a few comments about this on the "pinned" ICG thread, and I wanted to solicit the opinions of other seasoned cosplayers/judges on this matter.

In your opinion, do you believe that the level of competition in Masquerades at Science Fiction conventions (Dragon*Con, Balticon etc.) is "higher" or "more intense" that that at large-scale Anime Conventions (AX, Otakon)?

In the ICG thread, there were some who had the opinion that at Science Fiction conventions, the standards of judging better prepared individual cosplayers for competition at major costume conventions, whereas Anime Conventions emphasised skit performance over costume construction and presentation. Others expressed the opposite views that as Anime conventions increase in popularity and size, and young costumers gain more experience, the competition level at these major conventions has been "upped", and the standards held for winning costumes are on-par with long-running Sci-Fi cons.

What are your opinions on this matter? I would like to explore this further in its' own thread, since I believe it belongs here, and not in the ICG "sticky" thread.

I have been involved with Anime Boston for five years (including the upcoming 2008 convention) and have been going to anime cons for longer than that. In those years, I have seen cosplay take itself to a whole new level. Costumes that won awards in 2003 would not place if entered in 2008. I have NOT, however, experienced the Sci-Fi con circuit, so it would be beneficial to hear opinions from that side as well.

The ICG guidelines are just that: GUIDELINES. The categories to not have any "defined" criteria to the point of the number of awards necessary to qualify for each division. There is not even a defined age range for "youth" entries. A lot is left up to the Masquerade Manager. How do you see the criteria differing between the Science Fiction and Anime convention circuits in relation to the qualification criteria? What have your experiences with judges at both types of conventons been like?

Any opinions are welcome. I do not want this to turn into a flame war, so please, play nice...
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