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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
It's a rhetorical question, but there is an answer. People just have to know that such a thing is possible, given they put the effort into it. If half the cosplayers I run into at anime cons put in the same amount of effort as my old stormtrooper buddies, cosplay would be revolutionized. And then they'd be the ones knocking on the masquerade directors' doors, demanding the same kind of quality competition (rules, divisions, judging, stage directing) as those sci-fi cons get. I say it will always go back to the prevailing attitude of the audience. As long as the kids still think it's great fun to throw a pack of randomized Final Fantasy and Naruto characters on stage in piecemeal costumes and goof off, anime cons will continue in their same rut, and you won't get any kind of serious competition going.
It's also those same kids that do poorly at competitions, then bitch and complain afterwards about solid, skilled cosplayers winning awards time and again. I've seen/heard/been a target of so much sour grapes over the years because the youth & novice in competition would rather try to get experienced cosplayers barred from competition than step up a notch and improve their own skills. I stopped competing for two years because the that crap. I don't give a damn anymore, but it's not just the "professionals" that get targeted at competitions...
And I've been to other conventions of the scifi, fantasy, horror, etc. variety and the costumes blow my mind! Yes, anime cosplay is definitely bringing out some really skilled costumers nowadays, but five years ago? *Snorts* I'd find it amazingly hilarious if a Master costumer from the scifi/fantasy or even horror circuit would compete at an anime convention. It would give a necessary SMACK to the head to a lot of cosplayers that have no clue how amazing costumes can be when you put serious effort into all aspects of a costume and presentation.
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