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Originally Posted by ravenmist View Post
I'm sorry, I had to laugh at that..."guord". lol.

Still having zipper issues. No one on any wesbite seems to carry what I'm looking for. Cosplay life sucks sometimes. Oh wells. Must keep looking!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Honestly =D I cheated and made fake looking zippers using foam sheets, no one noticed XD I just slipped the skirt right on. lol, when I get the time i'll probably go back and put in real zippers though D=

Naxul: yes I remember you ^_^ I was the one in the line for Reuben's autograph session(black outfit with the Dante) that asked how you made your gunblade =) we should meet up for EXPO! I haven't been before but i want to attend a ffgeneral gathering if there is one ^_^

oh and basically it should be called a gunblade I believe O_o cuz yeah gun & blade and all that. I had a picture on my badge with Cloud and Squall and told people that was mommy and daddy XD I did hear Lightning is supposed to be the female version of Cloud lol and speaking of hair color I also think her hair is strawberry blonde because not too much now but in some old pictures I have my hair would sometimes look similar because I have multi-tonal blonde hair so one picture it will be brownish the other it could be brighter or almost strawberry. it's definitely leaning a little towards pink and my reason why is look at Versus, his hair is a bluish color and they've never really done that before usually it's been straight blonde, black, etc. so I think with the new system they're taking a step further to resemble hair in different lighting but still giving it that fantasy look with the unique color. i'm still using my own hair for my costume though, why not lol X3
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