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The beginning of my costuming experience was in the Renaissance fair circuit here in Texas. Something to note about most period and fantasy costuming is that we are so well established there are a WHOLE LINE of costume patterns JUST for us. And I mean ACCURATE stuff, straight down to period correct under-oos. So, to say it's actually EASIER to start breaking out quality looking costumes in that spectrum is in fact easier than other genres is, in my opinion, quite true. There is simply more support and education out there.

This is where we, the anime con cosplay directors, come in. It's up to US to start bringing the level of awareness and quality up. Soon, someday, there will be a time where anime/manga related costume patterns will be easily available in the US and young costumers will start out with more resources for that than they do now. In spite of havine an over saturation of anime conventions, there simply is not as large of a resource base for that form of cosplay than there is for other mediums.

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