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Originally Posted by rosabella View Post
LOL We must!!!!! Except...Lightning doesn't ever seem to smile...

As for her sword/gun holder it looks like it's hanging off her belt.

I hope I can get my gun/sword-thingy there. It's kinda heavy...
i suggest making a latch to go in-between the two ends of the gun sticking out so it won't fall out @_@ i'm going to try that, if mine comes out as heavy as my blade did i don't know if it will work at all but my waist pieces are pretty tight when i wear them so hopefully it will work >.< try making the non-opening end of the bag lower so it will want to fall that way more i guess, this is all theory of course @_@ i'm going to have so much fun trying to figure out how to do that stupid design on her shoulder armor T_T(one I used in pics was from my old version D=)
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