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Sakura_CC~~ I hope I can help you out. ^^

1) It's actually a skort. When you slow down the trailer, you can actaully look up her skirt at one point (as perverted as that sounded .__.'''). You can see that she's wearing some shorts underneath. What I did though, was brought spandex shorts and wore my skirt over them since no one's going to REALLY be looking to see if you're wearing shorts underneath.

2) Her turtle neck and skirt ARE seperated.

3) They are both the same color of brown.

4) Those are on the skirt, and from the pictures you can only see two 'X'. I still need to add that to my skirt ^^''

5) The orange thing in that picture, I believe is actually her stomach. She wears her skirt actually at her natural waist line. In reality, it ends up barely covering you behind. Not as bad as it sounds though ^^;;;
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