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Rabi en Rose, Digi Charat Artbook Version: Full Costume
Payment sent February 9th, Received June 4th; three days past deadline
Pros: It's an amazingly confortable outfit, which naturally means at least most of the fitting was very well done. I absolutely adore her solution for the shoes and headband, and as a full piece it was very well done.
Cons: I received about three updates over the course of the four months (was told there would be one every Sunday) we were in contact of a completely different dress; I was later informed, without a photographic update, that it had suffered unrepairable damage and was scrapped to be replaced with another. The second dress, which is the one I received, was far more green than the smooth brown the first had led me to believe I was receiving, though the outfit in accordance to the reference images is also brown.
I asked it to be altered with straps of the same fabric which matched the dress, to avoid support complications, and she instead provided clear plastic straps completely compromising my request that they be there for the sake of proper support (i.e., not having to wear a strapless bra). Though I am of personal belief those look quite tacky with outfits seen up close, the holders sewn into the dress for the straps themselves broke while I was trying it on; so I suppose no straps are going to have to do. The waist was also rather loose and requires a safety pin.
On a similar note, one of the sleeves is already loosening from the rest of the dress, and it has only been worn a grand combination of 10 minutes.
Aside from the questionable construction, the proportions are very odd, but she did an excellent, excellent job working with the ears and the headband, even if the dice-accessory is stained (she mentioned both this and providing me with a discount for my next purchase because of it).
Comments: While my "cons" obviously seem rather harsh, I am still listing Yumeko under the grade of an A because she was extremely professional on more than one level. She required a personally signed contract to which she kept (safe for the lateness). She also mentioned having some personal problems, but did not expound upon them to garner pity or try to use them as excuses; she just did her job which, as a customer, I find highly respectable. I also greatly appreciate that she did not simply give up on the project after the first mishap, or even try to reschedule the timeline, but honestly started from the beginning despite time constraints to fulfill her promise. Very trustworthy and respectable, as both a person and a commissioner.
Final Grade: A-

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