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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp
And anime congoers really have NO concept of "don't wear your masquerade costumes in the hall." Most masquerades don't necessarily put it in the rules (a rare few do) but it's one of those things I learned by osmosis at CONvergence. You want to wow people when you walk on stage, they're not going to be wowed if they've seen you in that all day. Of course, the more complicated the costume, the less likely you'll want to be in it all day, but that's for later.
I actually DON'T like this rule. I would rather it be left up to the costumers PERSONAL discretion whether or not to display their work before the masquerade. I say this because I personally love to show off my costumes in all mediums. Photoshoots, hallway walkings where I can meet fellow fans, and other such more personable experiences than on stage, and I know other people feel the same way. If you want to hold off your project until the show, then so be it. But I'm not going to make a rule that denies people the chance to show off before hand. It will not effect my judges ruling any, so why bother?

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