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Originally Posted by AVAAntares View Post
Ikasucon is a major con? I've never attended (though I'm planning on going this year), but I got the impression it had only a few thousand attendees. How big is it?

I've done three cons in one month before. It's doable, as long as you plan everything ahead of time (and don't have any major crises arise). We're doing Ikasucon and GenCon, and we've been invited to another one two weeks later, but I'm not sure if we'll make it to the third one. It's a busy time of year.
I might've misspoken! It's a major convention for me, because I've only been to two before, and they're both smaller than Ikasucon. So, it might not be that big compared to others, but it's going to be HUGE to me. I mean, the last convention that I went to was so small that we had open pizza parties and some very questionable props (as far as safety and realism went) and nobody really cared.

I'm so excited about going to my first BIG convention! Even convinced my parents to FINALLY come and visit the convention for a half-day to see what I actually do there. That's a miracle in itself, since when it comes to anime, they're clueless. This'll blow their small-town minds.
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