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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
And anime congoers really have NO concept of "don't wear your masquerade costumes in the hall." Most masquerades don't necessarily put it in the rules (a rare few do) but it's one of those things I learned by osmosis at CONvergence. You want to wow people when you walk on stage, they're not going to be wowed if they've seen you in that all day. Of course, the more complicated the costume, the less likely you'll want to be in it all day, but that's for later.
Maybe it is more like anime conventions don't think about this. For example, I have never entered the contest at AWA even though I have wanted to because you have to get down there Saturday morning in costume to be judged for the contest that is that night. My costumes that I've made that I felt were worth entering in a contest were not costumes I would want to spend all day in. And I have some makeup extensive costumes planned that I really want to enter in contests after I get them done. So I would either have to get up at the crack of dawn, do my makeup, go down to judging, and hope that miraculously my makeup stays fresh and off my costume for the rest of the day, or change/shower after judging just to do it all again in a couple of hours. And neither of those sounds like a fun option for me. I would much rather get to the contest early for judging, or supply pictures of me in the costume to the judges and bring the garments for them to inspect if it would be well before the contest. But yeah, it's like they give you no choice but to spend all day in your costume.
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