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You know, I never realized it before, but I don't believe I've ever worn my Masquerade entry costumes around all day at a con before, unless I was planning to get together for a photoshoot later..(by which I mean a gathering of fans, nothing professional)

..Anyway; I still can't believe that being a "professional" seamstress means you can't enter at even something like AX. I mean, of all places..
Maybe it's because I grew up with even just the most distant awareness of how much effort sci fi fans put into their costumes that I have such instilled respect for them. There also seems to be a great gap in maturity between the regular "anime con" costumer and the scifi/comic costumer.

At heart, I will always love scifi/comics more. Why? Because they were what I knew first. And honestly, a well done Joker (which is, in all honesty, just a well tailored suit) will always impress me more than the flavor of the week in the anime con circut. Why?
Well, because it's the Joker.XD All kidding aside..

I think it's just that it's such a maturity gap between the two groups that causes such a problem. There are very few folks roaming the halls at anime conventions who have the same devotion and dedication as, say, the 501st legion (which I do believe is the best known fan group of SW stormtroopers).

That's not to say younger folks at anime conventions aren't serious about costuming. (Hey, cosplay/costuming led me to discover just how much I liked to sew and design costumes and how much I want to do it professionally.) It just seems like the fans are more mature at sci-fi/comic cons than anime ones.

Of course, anime cons are ALL over the place and fairly new, so they don't have the ability to hold any sort of maturity.
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