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Originally Posted by Lanza View Post
It's a J-drama~ I LOVE IT! ^_^
well b4 I saw the show~
my dad saw the main character of the show on someone's forum signature,
and he said Is that me? and I was like wtf?!!
but I didn't care for it much, but one month later, my real life friend asked me have I ever seem the show? and they said I look like the main char, and I was like Dude! My dad said that!!!
and now I saw the show! and I decided to cosplay as the main char~ ^_^

I love my boss my hero as well, it was the best show XD
I like the theme song too!
Nagase Tomoya was so good in there, each episode cracks me up!
that's awesome, are you doing the uniform or the Yakuza version?
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