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*raises hand* I'm going to Gencon!

Shokora twisted my arm and talked me into doing Abel (and man, it too SO much convincing, let me tell ya... </sarcasm>), and I'm also putting together a random pirate wench. And maybe a Slave Leia bikini (for myself, this time ), if I have the time/money.

Also, I'm really bummed that they changed the date and location for Ikasucon. I had a blast last year and was really looking forward to returning this year, but the additional distance and proximity to Gencon have made it exceedingly unlikely to happen. Especially since my cosplay companion and I are currently strongly considering going to Dragoncon. "In my younger days, I may have considered it. But I'm not as spry as I used to be," says the wise ol' 23-year-old.
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