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Originally Posted by SaiyenGirl613 View Post
This "not wearing your costume until on stage" thing really baffles me. I've been a cosplayer for 4 years and been to most of the masq's. Here's the thing about only wearing a really complex costume in the actual masq (at an anime convention). At a LOT of people in the audience will leave right after the skits. So, for a cosplayer with a really complex, nice cosplay to only wear their costume before and during the competition at an anime convetion doesn't really allow everyone to see their costume. I think this is, based off of what I've read in the thread, because skits have traditional been held over the actual costume competition. People don't always feel like waiting around for the "fashion show" as it were.
I can only think of two conventions off the top of my head that put the walk-ons after the skits. I personally find that practice to be inherently idiotic. I've learned that the walk-ons get the audience far more hyped for the skits than vice versa, and having people leave during your show is the LAST thing any masquerade director wants.

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PS. It's nice to hear that Scifi/F costumers are so open to Cosplayers. I would LOVE to joing a guild/association one day and expand my skills and knowledge. It makes me so happy that I don't have to drop this "silly hobby" as my parents said when I was 15. I would love to find a place to let it grow.
Scifi/Fantasy costumers are cosplayers to. The term cosplayer does not apply exclusively to the anime/manga fandom and never has.

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