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Originally Posted by Danzikumaru View Post
I can only think of two conventions off the top of my head that put the walk-ons after the skits. I personally find that practice to be inherently idiotic. I've learned that the walk-ons get the audience far more hyped for the skits than vice versa, and having people leave during your show is the LAST thing any masquerade director wants.
I think it's really dumb too. Although, I think I can only recall one convention I've been to (might have been Katsucon) that didn't put them on last. Otakon, especially, is guilty of it, which is kind of sad since it's such large convention.

Originally Posted by Danzikumaru View Post
Scifi/Fantasy costumers are cosplayers to. The term cosplayer does not apply exclusively to the anime/manga fandom and never has.
Sorry, I've been using the term to refer to anime/manga costumers for so long it just gets stuck. XD
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