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Yes, Otakon does that and it's really bizarre. But they, like ACen, have this dichotomy between performance and costume, thinking that one shouldn't have anything to do with the other, when it's completely the opposite everywhere else. Thus, they're creating this mentality among the audience that the only thing they're there to see is the skits, and bugger everything else. That really does costuming in general a huge disservice. It de-emphasizes the costume, and really, there are times when you wonder if you couldn't have gotten up there in a paper bag and done the skit and still got the same results.

Where it comes from, I don't know, but it's part of the problem. In addition to all the other million things we've been talking about. Small cons might be able to get away with it because there just isn't the field of cosplayers to draw from, to get serious competition, but there's really no excuse for large cons like Otakon and ACen. They're so big in spite of themselves that they set the bar for a lot of cosplayers (in their own minds) even though they have some of the worst track records for giving out awards to actual deserving costumes. People don't pay attention to the actual judging, they just care that it's at one of the largest cons in the country, therefore it must mean something.

side note - Danziku, that comment on my strap pic made me laugh my fool head off. You get cookies!
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