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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
Yes, Otakon does that and it's really bizarre. But they, like ACen, have this dichotomy between performance and costume, thinking that one shouldn't have anything to do with the other, when it's completely the opposite everywhere else. Thus, they're creating this mentality among the audience that the only thing they're there to see is the skits, and bugger everything else. That really does costuming in general a huge disservice. It de-emphasizes the costume, and really, there are times when you wonder if you couldn't have gotten up there in a paper bag and done the skit and still got the same results.


I hate it when cons put the skits before the walk-ons. After half of the skits at EVERY single masquerade I've ever watched, I'm ready for the whole thing to be over. I'd much rather see the walk-ons first, so I can see everyone that's competing. It really bothers me that they put so much emphasis on the skits. Every time I say I'm in a masquerade, the first thing I'm always asked is "OH! What kind of skit are you doing?!" WTF?

To me, it's a cosplay contest. My costume is what matters. I personally am not a fan of skits, so I choose not to do them. It bothers me that everyone thinks you have to do a skit to be in the masquerade. And I believe that kind of thinking is what causes cons to have so many bad/boring skits.
I know one con got so many complaints about the skits being boring/too long just stopped having skits altogether.


The SciFi con I went to didn't even have skits. Is that a common thing among SciFi cons?
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