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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
I'd think they'd get better play if they enforced stricter time limits on skits and were militant about it. Don't give everyone three minutes to bore the audience, stick to a minute to two minutes.

One thing I think sci-fi cons do better, in that regard, is mix up the skits and walk-ons. Or, really, they don't have a distinction between them. There is no category for either, everything is just 'performance.' If it's clear from rehearsal or the tech sheet that the performance is a skit of some kind, a good director mixes it up by staggering the skits between the walk-ons, or vice versa, so you don't have too many of the same thing all following each other.

I am really curious where anime cons got the concept of the skit so ingrained, that they have such a wall between skit and walk-on, and sometimes even have whole separate contests for skits. I have seen what I guess qualify as "skits" at sci-fi cons, but they're not very long, and often just a punchline with a good lead-in. Even CONvergence, whose halftime show is their in-house acting troupe Soylent Theatre, has never had a major influx of skits. It's kind of baffling, I wonder where the anime con thing came out of.
I honestly have no idea. As our con ages, we're going to be enforcing shorter skit times, eventually settling at 2 minutes. I don't think we could ever go to one minute, as that would just make them walk-ons with a gag in the way we run our contest. We want to at least make them seem unique still.

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