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Originally Posted by KTMonkeyJ View Post
OHHH i want to cosplay Nobuta wo Produce too~~~
but is it too late to order?
Yah I got that on April...was order that with my friend^^''
Maybe next time XDDD

Originally Posted by Lanza View Post
12+ cos~ woah! that's gonna be busy XP

That place sounds awsome ^^
feels like it's too late to order it tho~
but do they mail costumes to US???
do they have a website? ^_^

Must visit that place when I go back to Taiwan~ but that might be like 3 yrs later = (
And actually I got my Nobuta from this store, (My friend found it)
and I think they got international shipping too. just has to ask them bout it~but I didn't let them sent my Nobuta here, my frds father just came to visit last month from Taiwan so...

Originally Posted by ycysusan2001 View Post
I think is this one... ... though there is nothing detail in there
Hey this is it, hah and I didn't know they got a website for that now~
but yah~once again~BEST ACG TAILOR RECOMMANDED!!!
where I got my Orginial Design, and Kingdom Heart (Halloween Town) made~~good qualityXDD
So Many to cos~~XD
and so many to live on~

Round and Round~~

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