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Originally Posted by Danzikumaru View Post
I honestly have no idea. As our con ages, we're going to be enforcing shorter skit times, eventually settling at 2 minutes. I don't think we could ever go to one minute, as that would just make them walk-ons with a gag in the way we run our contest. We want to at least make them seem unique still.

Watch some of the videos from Anime North, past and present. The time limit now is 1 minute - and I assume that most entries are probably not just walk-ons and walk-offs (if it's anything like previous years - I didn't actually watch this year's yet, as I was pooped from helping work the greenroom/polaroids). I think it was longer in the past, but the masq was getting very long as the MD was reluctant to cap entries. The entries at CNAnime (now Fan Expo, I think) have only 45 seconds, IIRC. People are coming up with some pretty interesting things to do in 45 seconds, which is more than long enough to allow them to show off their costume (which is the main goal of the masq, in the opinion of the people who tend to run it [Kaijugal/Sarcasm-hime/stillvisions/elemental/oselle...]).

It all depends on what you want from your masq, I think. I believe AN has had to cap its entries, since it was starting to run more than 100+ entries and 3 hours. >.< The focus of the masquerades in Toronto seems to be the costumes and how to present the costumes the best way possible, and leaving the skits to the skit contest (at AN at least; 5 min max), a completely separate event.

Anyway, at the Sci-fi cons here, cosplayers are welcome and encouraged, but the entry numbers tend to be smaller as the crowd gets older. I hope that with the influx of new blood (i.e. the anime cosplayers going to sci-fi/fantasy cons) wearing costumes in the hall, those more interested in the sci-fi/fantasy etc will copy, and overall the numbers will increase. We can only hope, right? Right now, I think Anime North has the stiffest competition here (Toronto) of all the TO cons, due to the larger attendee numbers.

Sci-fi con does not always = costumecon/comiccon/worldcon/etc. There's tons of very small sci-fi/fantasy cons out there with varying levels of costuming ability.

I blathered. I think I should have been in bed at least 30 minutes ago. >.<
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