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I think there could be so much that anime cons could learn from sci/fi cons regarding masquerades too. As Khene said the differences between what went on at the ACen masquerade and the Grand Maquerade at Archon was staggering. I really liked the fact that the judges at Archon were very attentive and even excited about the costumes they were presented with. They asked excellent questions of everyone and gave everyone equal time. There was no hurrying about to try and get the craftsmanship judging done before the show started because they opened the greenroom early enough that judging finished up just as the show started. There was no contest drama because the costumers were all friendly and helpful, offering advice when asked and sometime when not asked. I felt I could go to anyone in the room and ask them about the contruction of their costume without them looking down on me as a novice and witout them feeling like I wanted to steal their 'trade secrets'. We even had master level costumers oogling our costumes and telling us how good they looked, which made us happy. (As a side note, the masquerade at Archon doesn't call skits 'skits' they call them 'presentations' since what you are doing is presenting your costume like the walk-ons only with added whistles and bells. )

On the other hand, it's completely the opposite attitude at anime conventions. I'm not sure how much of this is the result of their refusal to use a tried and true method that has worked for another convention, the age demographic of anime cons in general, or simply because each new masq. director wants to reinvent the wheel to put their own stamp on it but there is something not right in the land of anime masqerades. I really think that there should probably be some kind of panel or training session run by experience masquerade directors and staff on how to run a good, solid masquerade that anime masquerade directors as well as people who are interested in running a show could attend. That might help some conventions get their act together. Personally, I've written off most anime masquerades already with very rare acceptions as being a waste of time and effort. (Another side note: It appears that our local anime convention here is trying to model their contest after the one at Archon since the con chairs are heavily involved in participating in Archon's and are aware of some of the problems other anime cons have had in the past. I hope they can pull it off because then they would have an excellent contest to sell to attendees in addition to the other things the convention has going for it. Their second contest was a major improvement over the first one. )
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