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Loving the posts here. This is my new favorite thread.

A few points, since I've been away all day:
I have seen plenty of great skits that are less than a minute. But I've also seen plenty of incredible skits that our three minutes long. I prefer having a happy medium. If, after enough time, two minutes still feels like two long, I will cut the time. But I don't see that happening for our show any time soon.

Something to note about Texas conventions is that skits are spoiled. Up until recently, they weren't even pre-screened. At all. So it's going to be a SLOW process transitioning the participants AND the audience into the more strict rules that other regions are used to.

And, like I told Cap last night, it's exceedingly difficult for masquerade directors at Anime Conventions to get what we want from our superiors for our show as we have to share our space with so many other events. I had to FIGHT tooth and nail to get the three hour block I needed for our masquerade (that includes rehersal and the show and the awards ceremony). It's an uphill battle, and we're getting there. All I ask is patience.

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