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Our con chair at AMA is pretty damn accomodating with budget, award trophies, prizes, whatever. But he's always coming up with new things for the convention with Japanese bands, musical guests, all sorts. So unfortunately, I take what space I can get although it's not for any lack of cosplay interest on Ed's part. He really likes Masquerades... but he really cares about giving his con attendees lots of fun things to do and see over the weekend.
Thankfully, I've been able to put my foot down on panel locations and times but when I'm not able to attend staff meetings, the schedule tends to get moved around and I have to jump up and down to get attention. But yes, AMA seriously falls into the category of "not enough Main Events time". And it's unlikely to change, especially with the addition of a concert AFTER the Masquerade this year. *sighs*

Thinking of skit length, dialogue has to be extremely witty or inspiring for me to watch anything longer than a minute. The longer skits I enjoy are usually choreographed ones (action, fight, dance, etc.) that have a lot of dynamic movement and use the whole stage. I also enjoy the musical skits that I've seen a lot lately, specifically musical instruments. I can sit through a song that's played well. Singing not so much... as I despise karaoke and anything similar. That's a personal thing, though.
Anyway, my point is that certain types of skits seem to work well with various lengths of time as well. Hmm... sorry if this seems muddled, as I'm sleepy, worked a hole in my finger from sewing 13 hook & eyes into a costume after a lot of stitching trim with hand and I've lost my train of thought again. I'll come back when I'm lucid and not constantly hitting the delete key for constanty typing errors.
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