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Hey~~My final's technically OVER now!!!
So i can put every effort in AX....(till summer school...which starts next week = =" here goes my summer...)

But anywayz...

Originally Posted by ycysusan2001 View Post
I might go ^^ I went there last year.
Aw...hope everything goes fine ^_^ wish I'll see you next time... (Dunno if i'm going to PMX yet...SAT is around that time = =" we'll see =w=")

Originally Posted by KTMonkeyJ View Post
ohh PMX, that reminds me~~~chiugi i think i saw you last year ^^
you were shin, ann was reira XD

anyway, i might go again this year as well, hehe
Hey~~~right...I was there as 路人甲....Orz (I think his name is Naoki= =" and guess what? I'm going to be him AGAIN XDDDD)

Originally Posted by KTMonkeyJ View Post
okay for friday ~sunday night
I shall be free at 12:00 am midnight XD

ahhhh so excited!!
Originally Posted by Lanza View Post
I might be free thursday night~ ^_^
well.. I don't think I have any important plan cept SKIN's concert~ ^_^
Wait wait... so everyone's saying Thursday night/Friday night?? Do they even have open mic on Thursday night =w="? Anywayz...I'll sooo be there = =+ wait to rock in TW style !!! (well. I'm bringing my ipod fo sho!!!) Sunday night too!! Cuz I'll be crazy on that day XDDD

Can't wait!!! it's two weeks (technically 1 1/2 week) from now~~~ yaya!!!
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