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Hi all, New on the forum, been lookin at the site a few years now though, thought Its about time I showed my Head from out the woodwork.

Hoping to do my first Cosplay/crossplay at Octobers MCM, if I can pluck up the courage.

Not sure quite who or what to go as yet, Torn between Mana or various anime gaming characters, Bridget GGX2 and Sailor Jupiter ATM, but thats just me getting thing sorted out, when I do go though gunning to have a full 3 hours transformation makeover though. GOD I must be mad. LOL.

Also hoping to go in a group, so If any body knows of a group I could join or somebody wants to start one that would be cool.

Finally Wil be looking to get a costume commisioned as have no talent or skill in that area what so ever, so if anybody knows a good commisioner, I would like to hear from you.

Any hoo, hopefully I'll see you all around the forum
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