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Originally Posted by Lanza View Post
well... actually I am free like Every night! ^_^
and I will be there since wedsday~ =P

I wasn't online yesterday cuz I was out shopping for Maki!
~red underwear and blue short~ GET!
I think I have a white shirt, but I can't find a yellow jersey anywhere =(
and can we all take a moment and go outside and shout "WAAL~TAHHHH!!!!" (as in water) for a few seconds during those nights?
Originally Posted by KTMonkeyJ View Post
yay ~~~your done XD
stupid summer school...they ruin everything

hahahah "WAAAL TAHHHH!!"
that's one of my favorite moments from my boss my hero!
super funny XD

okay i'll be there friday night for sure
Yea summer school truly sux = ="
anywayz... so friday night fo sho= =+
and I probably will be there thursday night to practice- -+(I'll drag shuji kun)
I'm free every night..... if there's no plans from my friends XD

so i can't wait to see u dress as Maki
and the WAAL TAHHHHHH thingy~!!!
i have planed to do it for a long time
but i probably never got a chance to cos MBMH=w=~~
that's great
oh...btw we could learn the Agnes dance ~~MuhahahahahhahaXDD

Originally Posted by HatakeNeko View Post
anyone attending 第八屆漫博會!?!?!? or CWT K3 / 16??? 要去的通報一聲吧^^

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