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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
If you do Aziraphale, you must have a Crowley.
I knooooww. A Crowley is a must, especially since he would make my dorky cosplay recognizable as cosplay and not just a really odd sense of fashion. I really really hope I can make some cosplaying friends in the new place we're moving to, because at the moment they are severly lacking in close proximity to me, and I need people to to cosplay with me.

Originally Posted by Rayonea View Post
Fenchurch from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy (as soon as I figure out how to walk on air)
Alanna from Tamora Pierce's book of the same name
ALANNA! Oh please do. I'm still contemplating doing Tris from the Circle series of hers, but seeing an Alanna would be so awesome. Or, for that matter, I think I would melt from love for anyone who did a Numair and Diane cosplay couple.

And for Fenchurch, maybe you could get clear heels/soles or such so that it appears that way Though you're out of luck on what to do about sitting and touching things.

Originally Posted by Scortia View Post
YAY for Aziraphale! Everyone's favorite gay angel... if he had the parts to be male. :P

I'm doing a Phantom of the Opera based more upon book illustrations than anything. Have a purely imagined Remus Lupin costume... would love to do more in the future.
I think he figures out ways to be gay even without the parts XD And YAY! for Phantom cosplay. I love PotO, the book, movie, and musical, so seeing any Phantom cosplayers would be great. You should get someone to do the Persian with you
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