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After reading only three chapters of the book, I am itching to cosplay Rail from Chris Wooding's Storm Thief novel, Lude from The House of Leaves has been on the back-burner too--my brother pretty much *is* Johnny, or at least how we envision him.

Rae from Robin McKinley's Sunshine (once my hair is long again....) is another one I've wanted to do since reading the book, as well as Aerin, the heroine from her second novel. (And possibly Harri too, from her first, but Aerin is so much more badass...and it's an excuse to dye my hair red!)

Oh, and for the longest time I've wanted to cosplay Fllewddur Flamm from The Chronicles of Prydain series just because the Disney movie did him no justice at all. Specifically, I want to do his The Castle of LLyr outfit.

Oh, oh! I forgot Julia from Simon Green's Blue Moon Rising...I'd need a Rupert or a Harold though, because it just wouldn't be the same without one.
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