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Originally Posted by Thoras View Post
Another Sword of Truth fan, awesome! I'd love to do Richards War wizard outfit, but I think I'll have to get some more experience under my belt first
If you wore that costume to a Toronto-area con, I would love you forever. <3 The Sword of Truth books are awesome and win, it's great to see other fans. ^_^

Originally Posted by Rem Akimichi View Post
ALANNA! Oh please do. I'm still contemplating doing Tris from the Circle series of hers, but seeing an Alanna would be so awesome. Or, for that matter, I think I would melt from love for anyone who did a Numair and Diane cosplay couple.
I loved Tamora Pierce's books when I was kid, so Alanna is definitely on the list to do. ^_^ Even though purple contacts TERRIFY me. >.> I'd personally love to see all four of the magelings from the Circle series. That would absolutely make my day. ^_^

Originally Posted by Rem Akimichi View Post
And for Fenchurch, maybe you could get clear heels/soles or such so that it appears that way Though you're out of luck on what to do about sitting and touching things.
That's what I was thinking about, but all I can seem to find in that are HUGE heeled stripper shoes. @_@ I'm AWFUL with heels and can't wear them, but I'm keeping my eyes out for platforms. I figure, if all else fails I can figure out a way to make them. XD

...And sitting and touching things will just have to be avoided. ^_^;;;
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