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Originally Posted by Rem Akimichi View Post
OMG! Another Death Gate Cycle fan! *proposes* Be my Alfred? XD There's not enough of us. You can find a few fanarts and such around the net -I know one person who used to do some stuff, but she's been pretty silent for the last year or three ;_;-, but not nearly enough for such a worthy series. I still haven't read the last book though. It's not in our library(s) and not available at our bookstore, but then, I live in a small town so thats not saying much. I'll have to order it online when I get the money. We should get a DGC cosplay group together somehow. They all have unique character designs and outfits that would be so much fun to do, especially with the Patryn/Sartan hair.... */ends rant*

Love your Elf Quest icon, by the way
I've thought about changing my hair to match one of the two races, but always thought it'd be too expensive for how quick it would grow out
Did you know they actually made a computer game of it too? It was one of the point and click adventures, where you gather items and make your way through puzzles, it was pretty cool.
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