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Originally Posted by Thoras View Post
I've thought about changing my hair to match one of the two races, but always thought it'd be too expensive for how quick it would grow out
Did you know they actually made a computer game of it too? It was one of the point and click adventures, where you gather items and make your way through puzzles, it was pretty cool.
I think that would be so cool. If you did the Patryns hair it wouldn't grow out so much, since it's supposed to be a fade from dark on top to light on bottom. You could probably do it with your natural hair color and then just fade-bleach the ends. Hee, now you've got me considering it XD I would no longer be a hair virgin if I did though.

The problem with DGC and cosplay is that most likely you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in a local area that A.) has read the series and B.) would be willing to cosplay. A group could be formed online, but we're so spread out that it would be hard to get everyone together at the same con. Still, it might be worth a try... *ponders* I think I might put up something in the seeking cosplayers now (Edit: Made!)

Heh, just remembered: I'd LOVE to see someone do some Young Wizards Series by Diane Duane. Sker'ret would be the most challenging yet awesome cosplay.
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