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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
Sadly, what's preventing me from cosplaying HP or LOTR is the movies. If you tried doing a book costume, people will look at you funny and wonder why you didn't just copy a movie design. I don't LIKE the movie designs, particularly LOTR as I detest the movies, but these days, everyone's into movie recreation instead of going back to the books to do their own design based on author description only. Sigh.

Outside of those two major works, I've never personally thought of doing a book costume because I'm a visual person. What gets me interested in a costume is seeing it. A description in text is not enough to get me excited about a costume no matter how vivid and well it's described or how immersed I am in the book. However, I have done book costumes for others. I did a MordSith (Sword of Truth) last summer for a friend of mine who went to DragonCon. I have yet to see the pictures of her in it, though. She makes the perfect MordSith, she's diminutive and cute with a long braid and yet hides so much evil behind that package. if anybody was at DragonCon last year and saw a MordSith, I'd like to know!
LOL I remember back in 7th grade I was Hermione for Halloween. Totally book based (as this was 2 years before the movies were released and there were no reference images out yet). It was a black robe and cloak. Noone knew who I was until I told them XD I did get in a bit of a fight with a girl over how to pronounce Hermione's name (we were both wrong... I said Her- me- un and she said Her- mone). That was one thing the movie cleared up XD

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