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Originally Posted by Danzikumaru View Post
Given some conventions have pre-selected "runway" music for their walk on sections (our show uses this practice) I wouldn't rely to heavily on custome music.
Wow. o.O :/

I've never (in 29 years of attending conventions) yet been to one that did not allow "walk-on's" (AKA, dialog-less character-display mini-presentations) to provide their own music, particularly as so many such presentations benefit from the use of snippets of recognizable character-related music that ties into the show or game source of the costume, or at least presents the perfect "mood" they are trying to project in their 15-30 seconds of dramatic posing, martial arts moves, whatever.

I would think requiring the use of a default "runway music" (instead of making it optional) would hamper the creativity of a good walk-on presentation, and encourage people to think of a "walk-on" as a fashion show catwalk exercise. This is contrary to what I'm used to, wherein "walk-ons" are encouraged to be "character pieces" that describe the character, but without going into an actual story (aka skit).
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