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Originally Posted by Karisu-sama View Post
Wow. o.O :/

I've never (in 29 years of attending conventions) yet been to one that did not allow "walk-on's" (AKA, dialog-less character-display mini-presentations) to provide their own music, particularly as so many such presentations benefit from the use of snippets of recognizable character-related music that ties into the show or game source of the costume, or at least presents the perfect "mood" they are trying to project in their 15-30 seconds of dramatic posing, martial arts moves, whatever.

I would think requiring the use of a default "runway music" (instead of making it optional) would hamper the creativity of a good walk-on presentation, and encourage people to think of a "walk-on" as a fashion show catwalk exercise. This is contrary to what I'm used to, wherein "walk-ons" are encouraged to be "character pieces" that describe the character, but without going into an actual story (aka skit).
This was not a decision we came easily to. It basically came about as a compromise between the audience and the participants. The Judges aren't going to be effected by the music, given it puts all of the walk-ons in a level playing field for that aspect and does not hamper their ability to use stage pressence. Music GREATLY helps the Audience get more into the show, given that at contests I have went to where you had the option of music, half or more of the entires chose to not use the option and the audience was visibly loosing focus.

Ideally, in the future, we might change this policy, but for now it was done to honor our obligations to both our contestants AND our audience.

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