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Originally Posted by Karisu-sama View Post
About using recordings in general:

Let me also say I am a huge supporter of the "no microphones" policy. I firmly believe in using pre-recorded material always for clarity (and so audiences can actually HEAR any spoken dialog), and having a good (preferably stage-experienced) sound engineer who feeds in and works on the lineup (and notes all the sound cues ,such as "MC reads into, then cue recording", "cue immediately & MC will read description after", wait for char to get to center stage & cue", "fade in music is already programmed into Entry #8's recording" etc.) BEFORE the Masquerade takes place.
This is a policy our contest will be implementing at Ikki 3. We will be phasing out non-recored skits this year through a rehersal process what will let all entries who are not pre-recorded know that they are the last batch that will be allowed into the contest.

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