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Originally Posted by PrettyKittyMulu View Post
Ok, Abarat cosplay would make me just about die of happiness.

I'm DYING to cosplay Lirael. Seriously. I neeeed to.
Aravis from The Horse and his Boy
Alec from the Nightrunner series
someone from the Keys to the Kingdom series. Seriously. I LOVE that series.
Aja Killian from the Pendragon series
someone from the Lost Years of Merlin series <3
Tris from Circle of Magic she's my favorite.

I could go on and on about this XD
Yay! Another Nightrunner person! Lynn Flewelling's going to San Diego Comic Con this year and I'm hoping she likes my Mardus. I'm so worried about it already.

Originally Posted by Razia View Post
I'd love to see someone attempt Dark Tower characters--if it was a group, and done well, I think they'd be pretty recognisable, especially if "Susannah" was in a wheelchair.
This is part of the reason I'm trying to get more of my friends to read DT, so I can have a DT cosplay group. I'm currently trying to get a Roland, Alain, and Sussanah to do a Wizard and Glass group. (most likely doing Cuthbert because he's awesome.)
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