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Originally Posted by Yunalicia View Post
Asuka BMz, if that is the girl's real information I would take it down.

Even though you were scammed ( and I know that totally sucks) putting up someone's info and name on the internet is dangerous. This girl can have some bad stuff happen to her because of that and (even though highly unlikely) if it gets linked back to you you can be in some seriously trouble. Maybe just put her first name and the city where she lives so people can take caution.
It stays unless it's removed by a mod, as whatever happens is deserved. The address was very easily available to anyone who cared to look, I just make it easier.

And also, if anything "bad" happens to her, odds are it would be done by someone she scammed (AkuseruRokusesu) or myself, as I'm sure we are mostly adults and able to make our own decisions. I will be in that area for Otakon, and if they dare show their face at Otakon, I also know what costumes they will be wearing.

I'm not here to prevent "bad things" from happening to her, hell, I'd prefer that happens. I'm here to let people know the dangers of commissioning from people, and also the dangers of being a scammer. I'm sure you know the saying, "What goes around comes around"...
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