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Payment sent August 2006, Received July 2007
Pros: The accuracy on this piece is undeniable. Everything from the individual, nonsensical markings to the fabric choices were absolutely impeccably done. The construction was 99% absolutely stunning, it was comfortable, well fit and again fantastically accurate; even the cut and fall of the fabric was exactly perfect. Exactly. They were great work with, immediately responsive and very accommodating.
Cons: Strangely, despite the fact I placed my order 11 months before the due date, they still pushed it back by three weeks. I do understand that they are a business and order the work they receive by priority, but it did seem a little ridiculous. Thankfully I had requested a due date of exactly three weeks before the convention, so it arrived the day before I left. If I had requested it to be due right before the con as most customers do, I would simply have been without a costume despite having given them almost a full year to complete it. While the construction on the fabric and even the plastic-assembled hip-ornament was breathtaking, the two buttons at the top of the cape broke before I had a chance to wear it outside and I had to glue them not only together, but to the collar. Then it wouldn't stay up because they had provided a single fastener in a poor place so I had to velcro it upright in the hotel room. If it had been received on time, I would have known of these problems soon enough to give them proper solutions, but as it was if I hadn't had glue and velcro immediately available I simply would've had a poorly assembled costume.
Comments: Despite all the whining in the cons above, I still highly, highly recommend them to everyone. From my understanding it is just two of them who do this sort of work, and one of them was out of the country which is why it was delivered so late. While this is a poor excuse considering the 11 months they had to work with, they definitely came through above and beyond expectations and I look forward to working with them again in the near future--they are definitely trustworthy.
Final Grade: A

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