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Akari Mizunashi and Aika, Aria: Wigs (2)
Akari, back
Akari, front
Aika, front
Payment sent January 2007, Received June 2007
Pros: Very swift, professional communication and very accomodating. Obviously a very hard worker and very well versed and experienced in what she does; very talented, kind and enjoyble to work with overall.
Cons: Despite the fact we agreed on a June 1st due date in email, there was apparently a mis-interpretation where she believed our due date was July 1st, which would've been right in the middle of the convention. We received them both three weeks late just two days before we left, and they both showed signs of rush.
Aika's braided extensions are a noticeably darker shade of blue, and the poor packing attempt of taping the wigs down almost ruined them. She attempted to tape the wig heads to the bottom of the box they were being transported in, and when the tape came lose it attached itself to the hair.
The pictures shown here are after each wig was carefully groomed, but Aika's was practically reconstructed to salvage it. One of the stubs could be clearly seen as it was standing straight out from the wig with the braid poorly hanging from it and it took some interesting pinning, hair spray and styling to put it together in an acceptable manner, though it is still way too short. No attempts were made on the bangs at all, but that too was managed.
Akari had been either trimmed scandalously short in the back or was just unsuited to the hairspray which styled her; either way, as can be seen in the first image, it was so thin the wig cap could be seen quite clearly beneath it. A third possibility is she simply used the cheapest base wig she could find in order to make a bigger proft. This could've been solved through adding additional wefts, but since it was received three weeks late I wasn't able to do so myself and hadn't thought she would send it out in such an interesting state.
The hair ornaments used for Akari were an odd gold-painted metal sheeting of some sort bound with hot glue which kept peeling off. In the pictures provided they have been replaced with yellow-painted paper, the hats were sewn on by us.
Comments: While there were quite a few exceptions made to the quality here, I believe it can all be greatly blamed on the time frame. Had it not been for the miscommunication I have a feeling she would have put much more time and effort into the final product; she does amazing work with her own wigs and I have no doubt that if everything had been clearly understood, there wouldn't've been any problem with these.
Final Grade: B

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