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Katie Bair
Katia, Lost Kingdoms: Wig
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Payment sent December 2007, Received June 2007
Pros: Amazing. Simply amazing. When I placed this order in December I was skeptical; Katie has a long, long to-do list which she updates daily and posts publicly dating all the way back to orders placed in 2005. I let this intimidate me and commonly emailed her asking for updates and reassurance, but my concern was misplaced. It was received exactly on time, despite the fact she not only created the wig and the smaller decorations but allowed me to ship the larger ornament which was created by another commissioner and built it directly into the wig itself at no extra cost or issues with the schedule.
She is amazingly professional (she's been in this business for many years, and I applaud her for her perseverance), a fantastic person AND commissioner. There are far too many excellent things about this experience to list.
Despite having issues with spam bots, filter monsters and an overly busy schedule her replies were always swift and informative. She packed the wig in two levels with supportive layers of foam, plastic protection and hair nets to assure it was received in perfect condition, which it did without a doubt.
After hearing stories about her she was the only one I felt I could trust with this project, and I proudly proclaim I feel this was a correct assumption. I cannot praise her enough for all her hard work and astounding talent; some could say this was quite a monetary investment, but I believe it was beyond worth every moment and every dime.
Cons: None, whatsoever, at all.
Comments: I recommend her to anyone and everyone ^^ From my experience, there is simply no one better to go to.
Final Grade: A+

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