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Any 300 mock-ups. It was funny watching D-yikes (South park ep) after 300 and another on a show, but seeing it in abundance for skits is just getting to a point where it's bland. There's also a rule in comedy that I learned in Theatre this year: A joke is only funny twice, repeated once more and it loses its effect on the audience.

And, as we all know, the overdone Yaoi pairings (Mainly KH II and Naruto ones) It's pointless to watch the same 2 characters kiss & hug to get all of the 12-13 year old girls' attention and favor so that you look good. By now, you should know us big kids have the upper hand here as we tend to populate with the majority, so that's lost a grip on us. While we like our Yaoi, I think the rest speaks for itself. Have fun with your screeching little girls.

And word up Teranell to us Theatre geeks! xD
Another thing I might add:
The thing about dancing skits, well, it's generally a good idea and I can see through cosplayer's struggling on-stage of what they're trying to do, but for God's sake, if you can't dance for your life then don't dance at all. No seriously, if you can't dance with a gun pointed to you, don't do it at all. I was forced to see the cosplay competition at Akon 18 this year. First off, the acclaimed para para champions that started off the competition. Quite honestly, with most dancing skits out there, you can get a quadriplegic to dance and it'd be 150% better, but knowing they can't move but their heads, I'm sure you get what I mean. Anywho, I'm not going to point fingers here, but dear god, in that painful 2 hours, most of the dancing skits, I was gripping my chair for dear hope to last through it. I'm dead serious, if you can't dance or your group is failing miserably, don't dance at all. I feel sorry for the judges who have to do this so often, because they sit through people dancing off-sync, tripping, loss of coordination, forgetting the moves, losing positions, it just happens so frequently to the point where I can't help but think people aren't sober when they do these kinds of things or they think it's funny to try it on purpose.

And I think the Link song is perfect for cosplay competition dances, but you have to be creative with it and have some nice cosplays to accommodate with it. But of course, if you put something pointless with running around in circles and waving a sword around, of course it's killed.

Sorry if it's a bit long and critical, but if you wanna try at these things you either have to master it or just drop it. Remember with these competitions they're late at night so people are tired, cranky, and buzzed out, so they don't wanna sit through the most over exaggerated sloppy stuff. Practice makes perfect, and you have to look at your skit from all angles of the audience, ALL OF THEM. Sure things can be overdone, but you can always get creative with them instead of "The same old crap"

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