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Name of Commissioner: Xavietta gallery:
Character commissioned: Juri Arisugawa (Revolutionary Girl Utena: Movie version) Jacket top only.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: Paid April 26 2007- Received July 6 2007
Pros: The pictures don’t do the jacket justice. Xavietta followed all my specific requests exactly from what type of materials and colors I wanted to be used, all the way to where to put each button at. She really worked with me and took note of everything I asked for. Not to mention she was prompt with replies to every single one of my PMs and never made me feel as though I was bothering her with my constant check ups. Her price was also very reasonable, only charging me $85 (shipping included) and allowed me to do installed payments. Whereas, most commissioners would have charged me at least $100.
Cons: Honestly, I can find nothing wrong with the piece. Everything is practically perfect.
Comments: It took me months to decide who I should commission for this piece, and I’m really happy that I choose Xavietta to take on this commission. I highly recommend her to anyone.
Final Grade: A+
Original rosebride- Utena
Chibodee gal- G Gundam
Momo- Xenosaga
Original kimono character
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