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Payment sent November 2006, Received February 2007
Pros: Excellent quality, communication, price and speed. She offered to have it light up at no extra charge and provided such, made it lightweight enough to wear in a wig and even rigged it (as seen in pictures) to be attached to aforementioned wig, despite the fact I didn't actually request such. Would've had quite a problem if she hadn't, though; it was so great to feel like she was looking out for me while still doing excellent work ^^ And she did!
Cons: Not a thing!
Comments: When I placed the order I'd said I didn't need it until March, only to proceed to annoy her in December about it so I could get it to my wig-maker. She shipped it out almost a full month early, just because I'd made an error in timing things between commissioners at no extra cost and no risks taken in the quality. I had no right to ask for an early delivery, and yet she provided it without trouble or complaint; I will never be able to thank her enough ^^
Final Grade: A+

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